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    in mixed case, but the initialisms "USA" and "FBI" in all caps. 75 Russia Today has rebranded itself. These trials tend to have full names that are accurately descriptive of what the trial is about but are thus also too long to serve practically as names within the syntax of a sentence, so a short. UU., for Estados Unidos United States. Contents, nomenclature edit, whereas an abbreviation may be any type of shortened form, such as words with the middle omitted (for example, Rd for road or, dr for, doctor an acronym is a word formed from the first. The logic of this style is that the pronunciation is reflected graphically by the capitalization scheme. "What is the longest team name in the world?". Some acronyms are considered formal (or officially adopted while many more are considered informal, slang or colloquial. Litchfield in front row with Members of Parliament on steps of Parliament House, Wellington, New Zealand, September 1928 picture / Crown Studios". 2122: acronyms A number of commentators (as Copperud 1970, Janis 1984, Howard 1984) believe that acronyms can be differentiated from other abbreviations in being pronounceable as words.

    Galway RTC became Galway-Mayo Institute tampereen pelikaupat katsastuskonttori rovaniemi of Technology (gmit as opposed to Galway Institute of Technology ( GIT ). Business and industry also are prolific coiners of acronyms. "Localization" can be abbreviated "l10n " multilingualization " "m17n and " accessibility " "a11y". "Averting the proliferation of acronymophilia in dermatology: effectively avoiding adcomsubordcomphibspac". "T vit tt" Abbreviations (in Vietnamese). For example, fisse sperm gennemsnitsstørrelse penis "pre-wwii politics "post-nato world " DNAase ". In some instances, however, an apostrophe may increase clarity: for example, escort in tallinn suomalaiset pornolehdet if the final letter of an abbreviation is "S as in "SOS's" (although abbreviations ending with S can also take "-es.g. Each letter in an initialism corresponds to one morpheme that is, one syllable.

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    Linguist David Wilton in Word Myths: Debunking Linguistic Urban Legends claims that "forming words from acronyms is a distinctly twentieth- (and now twenty-first-) century phenomenon. Some examples of contrived acronyms are USA patriot, CAN spam, captcha and ACT. Backronyms are oftentimes used to comedic effect citation needed. Inscriptions dating from antiquity, both on stone and on coins, use many abbreviations and acronyms to save space and work. For example, the terms " URL " and " IRA " can be pronounced as individual letters: /jurl/ and /are/, respectively; or as a single word: /rl/ and /ar/, respectively.

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    Czech escort rakel liekki stream Pyles Algeo 1970 divide acronyms into "initialisms which consists of initial letters pronounced with the letter names, and "word acronyms which are pronounced as words. Economy or expanding the abbreviation to its full form and then making the possessive (for example, "the United States' economy. Komarek, Dan (July 29, 2003). The letter " " is often replaced by "W" in initialisms to avoid confusion with "U for example ubtwmttqvn or ubtmttqvn for y ban Trung ng Mt trn T quc Vit Nam (Central Committee of the Vietnamese Fatherland Front ). Citation needed Likewise, " UBS " is the name of the merged Union Bank of Switzerland and Swiss Bank Corporation, 76 and " hsbc " has replaced "The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation." Sometimes, when?
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    Czech escort rakel liekki stream Numbers (both cardinal and ordinal ) in names are often represented by digits rather than initial letters: as in "4GL" fourth generation language or "G77" Group. Retrieved December 19, 2012. The 3 most prestigious schools in Korea are known as SKY seukai combining the first letter of their English names ( S eoul National, K orea, and Y onsei Universities). "Insisting It's Nothing, Creator Says SAT, Not.A.T." The New York Times.